Villa Maria combines natural beauty with the comfort of a luxurious resort and the intimacy of your personal country retreat. Surrounded by lush jungle overlooking the ocean, you relax in the shade next to your private swimming pool. Our staff will give you the best welcoming. As you walk the grounds on your way to the virgin, white sand beach, you will pick avocados, papayas, and bananas right off the tree. Attended by a 24-hour staff, Villa Maria provides daily cleaning, free breakfast, air conditioning, meals upon request, and of course, lots of fresh air. Just 45 minutes from the Old City of Santa Marta, you can expect the same superior quality of amenities and personal service as at all Kali hotels.

       At Villa Maria, you choose your own agenda. With our on-site staff, all of your needs will be anticipated and met. Drink juice directly from coconuts harvested 10 feet away, or eat fresh fish on the beach where your fish was caught. Located 3 kilometers from the entrance to Tayrona National Park, the Villa keeps you close to the park's legendary beaches while giving you the privacy of your own home. Local attractions of Quebrada Valencia, the trek to La Ciudad Perdida, and Orinoco can be reached with ease. Our network of hiking trails gives you the authentic sense of exploration felt by the area's first pioneers. Surfing, sunbathing, swimming in waterfalls, or simply walking the grounds will make you cherish every moment you spend at this slice of paradise. At the end of the day, satisfy all of your senses with a comfortable bed and the iconic aroma of the Ylang-Ylang flower, made famous by Chanel No. 5, growing outside your window.

We laid down the infrastructure to offer Wi-Fi internet service throughout the property, but there is no internet or fxed landline phone service as of area. In the meanwhile reception will try to assist you if your needs to access the Internet. You can check your email using our cell phone service that uses a slow GPRS data access to the Internet.

Please note well
Trip Advisor changed our location to Buritaca on their website. We are trying to have them to correct their mistake that is causing us some extra work but it is taking longer than expected. Villa Maria Tayrona is not in Buritaca, which is 30 minutes away. Villa Maria Tayrona is located around 3 minutes by local bus from the Tayrona National Park main entrance

The Villa Maria experience is the perfect addition to your Santa Marta vacation.